Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Recently my sisters and I took a small trip to the Ice Cream museum in Miami Beach.  The idea of an ice cream museum was definitely creative and genius. I mean who doesn't want to learn about over 1000 different flavors of ice cream, all while snapping great photos. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical about the admission fee and scheduling times but, it was definitely worth it. 
The museum consisted of 5 beautiful floors of photo-ready set-ups, decorated with images of ice cream and candy. Once inside you were guided through the first two floors with an ice cream expert.   From there, you were able to walk through the museum freely. The only negative was you were not allowed to go back once you moved to the next floor. As a positive, we were given key lime ice-cream, melted milkshakes, and tons of candy. There was also a gift shop with tons of ice cream souvenirs. The best part for me had to be the pool of sprinkles. Although given just a short window to dive-in, it was defiantly worth it. All in all, it was a great experience. I highly recommend you take a visit when it comes to your town.