This past summer we decided to take our first family vacation with our two-year-old.  We searched for months for a kid friendly location that would be suitable for our family. Planning for the trip had me on edge, as this would be our son's first time on a plane. I began to think of all the flights I have been on, where I’ve watched a toddler scream the whole time. So I decided to put a plan into action.

We decided on a family friendly resort in Cancun Mexico. The resort included water slides, splash pads, and all inclusive meals and entertainment.  The best part was the hour and 45-minute flight. We decided this would be best for our little buddy. So with that being said, here are my top 5 steps to traveling with a toddler:

1. Prepare Them: Toddlers are not always excepting of surprise. My son especially. He likes schedules and to be aware of what’s happening next. So we prepared for weeks about his plane ride and the trip. We discussed planes, loud noises, and things he would like to do on the plane. By "trip time", he was so excited. Also try to avoid connecting flights. 

2. Pack what they love on a carry-on: This seems easy right. However, God forbid you forget that “lovey” they carry around. The flight would turn into World War 3. My son loves his blanket. So the blanket came right on the plane.  Allow them to pack little toys and carry them on their own in a little suitcase. This will give them a sense of independence. 

3. Pack Snacks: Not only does it keep your toddler full, but it also provides extra activities to complete on the flight. Pinterest has several fun ideas on how to pack snack activities on a flight.

4. Electronics!!! Need I say more!! Download movies, games, and activities on a tablet. Tablets are great because they are lightweight, and there are tons of activities that will keep your toddler busy during the flight (Trust Me). Don’t forget headphones. Don't forget your charges!!!! 

5. Relax:  Stay cool! So, your toddlers freaks out on the flight. The best thing you can do is relax and attempt to comfort him. Don’t pay attention to the stares and whispers. This will cause you to get frustrated and take your attention off comforting your child, which can make things worst. So relax and hold and kiss your toddler if possible. 

Enjoy and have a great summer!